Kellen and I went for coffee yesterday and then afterwards decided to spend our afternoon exploring a little nature trail in our town. Of course, since I brought the Rebel, it turned into more of a Photoshoot than anything else…






  • Lace top, C&C. Bought at a thrift store after a huge rant to Justine about how I was desperate to own a a pretty eyelet top.
  • Cardigan, F21. I love this sweater. It’s so simple in the front and a hard core party in the back.
  • Leggings.
  • Boots, Charlotte Russe. I had a little help from Justine in purchasing these ones. The looked exactly like the ones I was obsessed with at Bakers, but for half the price.
  • Necklace, Grandmother’s. It’s actually bright red, but through all the editing and the way the sun lit the pictures, it looks more like orange.
It’s a good thing we went on the hike yesterday since today it’s pouring. I don’t understand. It’s May and it’s supposed to be sunny, yet the heavens have opened up and the clouds are crying buckets on good ol’ Moorpark.
I dyed my hair darker, can you tell!? I thought I bought the “light brown” but either I left it in for too long or it wasn’t as light as it claimed to be, because my hair came out way darker than I had anticipated. It seems to go over well though, I’ve gotten a ton of comments on it and I’m really liking the darker color. Maybe, even though in the summer everyone goes lighter, I’ll just keep going darker and darker until I’ve got jet black hair. Whooooo knows.
The other day my mom and I went to Buffalo Exchange in Ventura and I picked up a pair of GORGEOUS Tahari flats for $22. I’ve been wearing them religiously since I bought them. I can’t wait to show them to everyone on here!!
And the biggest news of all?

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