¬†Wore this outfit last week, sorry it’s taken so long to post on here. I’ve been super busy/super lazy and haven’t had the time to a) wear cute outfits on a regular basis and b) upload pictures into my computer. Model citizen.
  • Dress, Charlotte Russe. Bought on sale, sale, SALE. I love the neckline of it, it’s what attracted me to it in the first place. That and the fact the that skirt has tiny little pin-stripes. Makes me feel so put together!
  • Jacket, UO. I bought this in senior year as a “Maybe I’ll wear it once in a while” kind of thing, but it’s become an essential piece in my closet. Leather bomber jacket. Yes!
  • Shoes, Payless. I just couldn’t resist the way they tied. I got a discount on them too, since one of them was missing a shoelace. I flirted with the guy till he gave me 20% off and a free pack of shoelaces. I wore them to a concert I went to with Trevor and I stood the whole time. Amazingly enough, I didn’t die. I really should wear them more often…
  • Assorted bracelets.


I was so sick of my shoes/boots being strewn about everywhere that I decided to line them all up to try and keep them organized. My mom walked in, saw them, and took five minutes counting them all and making a production out of it.
Sad part is, that’s not even close to half of all my shoes. The rest are all shoved into the closet or in the hanging shoe rack I’ve got on my door. These are just spillover. I really should get rid of some, but I love them too much.