At Trevor’s Grandparent’s house in LA. Everyone under 20 stayed in a room watching True Blood instead of mingling with the adults.





  • Black, one-shouldered dress, Blush. Blush is a little boutique in our town which always has the cutest dresses in stock. I never owned a one-shouldered dress before and was really excited when I got this one. The prices are a little steep, but hey, at least we’re supporting an independent business!
  • Necklace, Marciano. I’m obsessed with how chunky it is!
  • Shoes (not pictured), Cathy Jean nude pumps.
  • Boyfriend. Always makes the pictures look better 🙂
I love these pictures. There were a bunch with me and Trevor and they all look like they came out of an episode of Mad Men or something.
Trevor and his family are on their way to Philadelphia right now. Send all happy thoughts their way, please!

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