• Sweater, thrifted. I love how large and chunky it is. And the fact that it’s black and white. And the fact that the buttons are gigantic. And it makes me feel smart!
  • Leggings, downtown LA. Funny fact: I overslept this morning and in my rush to get out of the house I put them on inside out. Awkwarddddd.
  • Gray shirt, Charlotte Russe. Bought for like $3! I love how long it is. And you can’t tell from the picture but the bottom hem is all funky and all over the place.
  • Tan tank, Blue Moon in Ventura.
  • Boots, Chinese Laundry, bought on sale at Famous Footwear.
  • Necklace, bought for me by my mom from White House/Black Market. I LOVE IT. It’s so deliciously chunky and noticeable and always gets attention whenever I wear it.
Here’s a closer look: