I always love holidays (even the ones where you don’t get school off) when it’s close to the summer. Any excuse to have a BBQ where we get to eat outside and be merry is fine by me. Sadly, we weren’t able to eat outside yesterday because the wind picked up and made it a little too cold for our liking. We did, however, fight the cold and went in the front yard to have our first photo session of summer! I’ll post some of my favorites later, but for right now, all you get is an outfit post.

  • Jeans, Marciano. You can kind of tell from the first picture that they’re “marbled”. They look kinda like acid-wash, but not really. Tie-Dye? Hmmm. I love them. I’ve been wanting them since we got them in and I returned a different pair of jeans that I kinda liked to get these ones which I had to have. I plan on wearing these to work A LOT, especially since my beloved Marciano skinnies ripped. 🙁 I’ve got to take them to my tailor and see if she can work some magic into them.
  • Shirt, Marciano. The V-Neck Boyfriend Tee in white. I’ve been lusting after this for a while and then thought we were all sold out. I went digging in the back room for some stuff to add to the front and I FOUND ONE. I picked it up as fast as I could. I have a feeling I’ll be living in it throughout the summer.
  • Scarf, Christmas gift a few years back from a Neighbor.
  • Blazer, Vintage. My great-grandmother made this and every woman since has worn it.
  • Floral Wedges, Target. Bought on sale for $15. Seriously the most comfortable pair of wedges I’ve ever worn. I could probably hike in these things.
And of course, Trevor made an appearance. I love that boy. I don’t get to see him for two weeks and when I finally do, he’ll be another year older!
Don’t forget to wish him a Happy Birthday on May 17th!