Coat and Sweater: F21; Jeans: American Eagle; Shoes: K-Swiss; Hat: Borrowed; Sunnies: Ray Ban
It’s hard to believe we’re already entering the second month of 2016.
January felt like a total blur due to the fact that work was psycho and I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the most of it. I ventured up to Seattle for some account visits and it reminded me of just how much I loved the city – and tomorrow, I’m jetting over to Boston for another whirlwind business trip (not that I’m complaining). I’m already feeling beyond blessed this year – mainly due to the fact that I’m feeling a lot of forward momentum in terms of work and career. However, this does explain the SEVERE lack of posts the past month.
One of my best friends is moving back home today, so we spent the rainy Sunday in her hood (Venice/Abbot Kinney) for the last time with her as a resident. We went through our favorite shops, drank our favorite drink (coffee, duh) and reminisced on how crazy and life changing 2015 was for the both of us. It just reminded me that no matter how well work is going, it’s even more important to have a solid foundation of friends to fall back on (and boy, did I get lucky with my friendsies).
Here’s to a new year, a new month and new beginnings.
I’m so excited to see how great 2016 shapes up to be.
(And I sincerely promise not to lag on posting anymore…)