I’m a shopper. A big one. This is no secret, especially considering the fact that you’re currently reading this on my fashion/lifestyle/rant blog. Shopaholic would be a more than valid term to describe my retail habits (it drives my mom crazy.)
That all being said, I’ve come across the clothing site Tobi more times than I can count. The fact that they offer 50% off the first purchase made them even more appealing to my shopper spidey-sense, yet I never took the plunge.
When the folks at Tobi reached out about doing a little collaboration for the blog – I JUMPED at the opportunity. (Seriously, I was in the nail salon and freaked out the guy shaving off my gels when I got the email). They were kind enough to send over a couple pieces for me to try out – including this insanely delicious maxi dress.
My photographer mentioned that this was a “Kendall Jenner” dress – something unique and interesting enough that he felt the supermodel would wear on one of her days off.
What do you think?
Dress: Vee Drop Maxi Dress via Tobi.
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Paired with a Madewell statement necklace, Ray Ban aviator sunglasses and Dolce Vita mules.
In truth, I’ve gotten really lazy when it comes to dressing these days. I’m usually in jeans and a worn-in Splendid Tee, with a pair of booties thrown on for a little bit of height. When I saw this dress, I flipped. IT IS SO EASY. Throw on with a pair of comfy heels or booties and you’re instantly stylish. I wear this necklace practically every day, but even removed, the dress has the ability to stand completely alone.
The Shopaholic in me is super excited to share the other goodies that Tobi sent over!