We had the shortest trip to Athens of all time – but, ironically, our short stay in Athens was quite possibly the most stressful portion of the our entire trip to Europe. We got off the plane and discovered that no one took cards, meaning we had to have our cab driver (who didn’t speak English) turn back around since we didn’t have any cash to pay him with. We couldn’t find our Air Bnb since everything was in Greek and the “simple journey” wound up taking us a sweaty and tear-stained two hours, where I wound up trying to speak French with a Greek lady and Debs was able to eventually get us to our place – THANK GOD.

BUT – we couldn’t go to Greece and NOT see the Parthenon. And even though it was the most stressful afternoon of the entire experience – it was completely worth it to see such an incredible part of history. I’d do it all over again.