Barcelona. How I love thee.
I can’t even express how glorious Barcelona was. The food, the wine, the flowers, the festivals, the FIREWORKS – everything about it was extraordinary. Honestly, if I had the opportunity to study abroad all over again, I would probably choose to go back to Barcelona for a semester (even over my beloved Paris). It has everything I treasure in a city: culture, excitement, history, incredible food and a great nightlife. Even though we were only there a couple of days, it was more than enough time for it to carve itself a spot on the list of my favorite cities in the world.
We went from cobblestone streets filled with centuries of history, to sitting on the edge of the world with our feet practically touching the ocean at the port of Barcelona. We went from spending hours sipping on delicious wine at a hole-in-the-wall joint, recommended to us by an American couple we met in Madrid, to celebrating a massive festival in the middle of the street with thousands of people as fireworks sparkled above us. We spent a day exploring the masterpieces of Gaudi – running around the city desperate to take in all his great works, to soak in the wonder that was his vision, before we ran out of time. We danced and kissed and laughed the night away until 4am at a club literally on the sand and then walked to the ocean, letting the cold water run over our feet before hopping in a cab back to our apartment.
Barcelona, you were truly incredible. I loved you SO much and I would give everything to be back, frolicking among the beauty and dancing beneath the sparkles in sky.