You guys, I think I’m in love with Chicago. My friend (and co-worker) Kristen and I got sent there with a few others for a week for an Internet conference (yay!) and we got to spend a glorious seven days networking, exploring the city, eating more food than we could even fathom fitting in our stomachs and generally just having a splendid time with each other. It was honestly a fantastic trip and we walked away from it feeling a) more prepared for our recent promotions and b) basically wanting to find a way to live in Chicago full time.

Some highlights?

  • The Hampton Social – HIGHLY recommend if you’re in need of a place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. Best vibes.
  • If you’re at a work dinner and they say, “you should try the $100 Wagyu Beef…” – you GET that steak and you savor all five ounces of it, cause you’re never going to get the chance to order it again in your life.
  • A river tour is a necessity
  • Do not book a few nights in the Red Roof Inn in the middle of nowhere. Ever. Don’t do it.
  • Chicago hot dogs!!!!
  • The Willis Tower is a MUST DO. Incredible views and you’ve got to do it at least once.
  • Millenium Park is quite possibly the coolest place to spend a Friday afternoon – free concerts anyone?
  • Rooftop bars are tried and true – and totally worth it.
  • We caught a Cubs game from a rooftop bar – and I don’t think I would do it again. Nothing beats sitting in the baseball stadium for me.