Prepare yourselves : the next few posts are going to be INCREDIBLY photo heavy cause I’m notorious for taking thousands of photos whenever I go to a new location. It’s bad. I’m a photo addict. ¬†Usually, when I travel, I drag my trusted (and heavy) Canon 7D with me – but this time, I opted for just my iPhone. Surprisingly, I wasn’t that broken hearted over its absence.
So back in July, my friends and I took the plunge, sacrificed our credit cards and started preparing for an epic trip across the world. Spain and Morocco were our destinations, both places I had never been, and I was ecstatic to get away and explore these brand new locations.
Madrid was an obvious on our list. My friend Amanda studied abroad there back in the day and whenever we discussed going back to Europe, she kept saying the same thing: “You HAVE to see Madrid.” I shared her sentiments and we made Madrid the first (and longest) stop on our itinerary while in Europe.
Overall, Madrid was an incredible city. There was so much life and, in September, it really didn’t feel that congested in terms of tourism. It was moderately pricey – but that’s pretty standard for Europe. We were able to easily run around the city on foot – with most of the locals being very generous in the sense that you could stop and ask (in very broken Spanish) for directions and they were more than willing to help. We spent our days in Madrid eating too much Paella and churros con chocolate, drinking our weight in tinto de verano (THE BEST), sitting in boats in the middle of Retiro Park and running around the city in attempts to see as much as we could in the short amount of time that we were there.
Here’s a little photo diary from the trip ::