Prague was another short stop on our trip – and we had a full 24 hours to explore the city before trekking to our next destination.

One thing I don’t think either of us were anticipating was just HOW much walking we’d be doing in Prague. This place was no joke. Hills on hills on hills. (Sneakers are a must!)

Despite that, Prague was one of those cities where getting lost was necessary. We roamed the streets, grabbed some sweets and even grabbed lunch and a beer at an old monastery on a hill – overlooking a view that was simply breathtaking. I think the beauty of Prague lies in its age. There’s something about the city that makes you realize how much history it has seen, how many different generations it has witnessed. And a part of city almost feels like it was stuck in time.

After our visit to Prague, I re-read my favorite novel, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, which partially takes place in Prague. When I first read it – I always imagined it as a dark place – something I never understood. This time around, there was a whole new added dimension to the story – and I appreciated our trip there even moreso.